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A Consumer Report on Walls for sunrooms

This report was prepared for the consumer's protection. For many years, in fact from the beginning of time, people have been selling products with different intentions and varying levels of quality. this certainly is the case in the marketplace today.

We hope you will take time to read on if you truly in the market for sunrooms or sunroom enclosures. In reading through this report, you will see what makes us the leader in quality in our sunrooms and sunroom enclosures and why our sunrooms are known to be the nation's finest and how this should effect your decision on what sunrooms sunroom enclosures you choose to have installed on one of your most valued possessions, your home.

Walls for sunrooms & sunroom enclosures


Sunrooms features


Sunrooms benefits

Variety Of Glass and Muttons

We assemble the walls for our sunrooms into modules at the factory. This insures that no corners are cut and the highest quality product is guaranteed. Also, installation of your room goes quickly and smoothly with assurance of consistent quality.

Recessed Handles

Operable windows in our sunrooms feature recessed handles which prevent injuries and allow window coverings to be used without any obstruction.

Cadmium Plated Steel Wheels

Exclusive cadmium plated steel wheels, used on our sunrooms operable windows, doors, and even screen doors, allow a lifetime of smooth operation.

CMBSOA Approved Security Windows

We have secured CMBSOA (California, Model Building Security Ordinance) approval on our windows for our sunrooms, which gives an additional customer assurance of the window's security.

Four Corner Adjustable Rollers

Four corner adjustable rollers in our patio rooms and enclosures allow all operable windows to be locked in place to prevent removal for security reasons, and also allows easy adjustment for smooth operating windows.

Convertible Screens

We have uniquely designed into our screen rooms storm panels that can easily be installed in lieu of the standard screen at a affordable price. This allows you to convert your recreational screen room into a usable area in the colder seasons of the year and easily replace then with the standard screens during the warm weather allowing the warm breezes to blow through your room.

Easily Removable Screens

Our screens are readily removable allowing for easy cleaning and repair of a damaged screen.

Concealed Night Locks

Operable windows have the option of our uniquely integrated night lock that allows the windows to be securely locked in an position for ventilation.

Dual Glass "A" Rated

Our sunrooms and enclosures have optional dual insulated glass which has received an "A" rating from ALI Testing Laboratory, qualifying it for high rise industrial use, which requires the highest grade of dual glass.

Modularized Construction

We assemble all of our walls into modules at the factory. This insures that no corners are cut and the highest quality product is guaranteed. Also, installation of your sunroom goes quickly and smoothly with assurance of consistent quality.

Floor To Ceiling Mullions

Our sunrooms, sunroom enclosures use our floor to ceiling structural mullion design in our sunrooms, this tying the entire room together with continuous vertical mullions creating structurally stronger and sturdier rooms.

Standard 6' 8" High Doors

Entry doors are standard 6' 8" high allowing for adequate head clearance in all entries.

Clips & Jambs Mitered At 45 degrees

Glazing clips and jambs are mitered at 45 degrees indicating a much higher standard of quality that the typical butt joint evident on most products.

Bottom Tracks

Our sunrooms and sunroom enclosures utilize bottom tracks that are pre-punched and cantilevered for easy water drainage, with caulking and carpet groove designed to ensure a water-tight seal.

Integrated Corners Posts

All sunrooms & sunroom enclosures corners have been designed as structural posts and are integrated into the wall created a smooth esthetic appearance.

Invisible Electrical Raceway

Our sunrooms have a patented U.L. listed wire raceway system that is literally invisible to the naked eye. This system allows the customer to plug in lights, televisions, stereos, and fans anywhere in the room. Weatherproof exterior outlets, light switches and porch lights are also available. These patented features are all U.L. Listed from having to string extension cords on your floor, ugly conduit on the outside of your room, or even worse, have an unapproved illegal electrical system that voids your homeowners insurance.

Total Room Factory Prepared

In our pursuit of highest quality, pre cuts, punches, glazes, and assembles in our factory as much as feasibly possible. This ensures a highest quality finished patio rooms and enclosures, and an easy, less frustrating installation.

50% Thicker Wall

3" wall in our sunrooms are 50% stronger with up to 50% stronger with up 50% more insulation.

Variety Of Doors for our Sunrooms

We manufacture a wide variety of entry doors. From a standard 6' x 6' 8" sliding door, or a 3' x 6' 8" pedestrian door to our 6' x 6' 8" French double entry door with many exclusive design  features that are only available our doors.

2" Thick Wall System

2" thick wall is not only economical in design, but designed with many quality features. Like our 3" wall, it has up to R-15 and the ability to house all options

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